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Map of "Winchester" zip codes & county zip codes
WMC Campus

Delivery Tips:

Delivery Fees 

Our website is only setup to assign a default delivery fee based on the zip code not the street location. However, zip codes for Winchester stretch across the entire county. In order to charge fairly based on the actual distance & road conditions, we will adjust the delivery charge when we process your order. You may see either a decrease or increase in final delivery charge for your order. (For example; Winchester 22602- could be Walmart Drive, a $5.99 delivery charge or could be Shawneeland, a $19.99 delivery charge. )

Hospital Deliveries

For Patients: Please include the Legal name of the Recipient and the Room number. Deliveries of fresh flowers are not allowed in ICU, CCU and Recovery Rooms. Latex balloons are not permitted inside the WMC.

For Employees: Please include job title, Building Name, Floor and Suite #, Name of office (if applicable) and direct office telephone number and cell number for recipient. The Volunteer/Main Desk does not always have this information and some employees travel from one building to another throughout their work day. Winchester Medical Center is an entire campus of buildings; please enclose as much information as possible to expedite your delivery. 

Funeral Deliveries 

Please use the Deceased’s Name as the Recipient Name. We will deliver flowers to the funeral home or church shortly before the service or visitation time. We cannot deliver to private services out of respect for the family’s wishes. 

Business Deliveries 

In order to properly deliver flowers to a business, we need the business name, address, floor /or suite number and telephone number. If you have the job title of the recipient, that is especially helpful for delivery to large business locations (i.e. Costco, Rubbermaid, etc) 

Home Deliveries 

We must have a correct physical delivery address and telephone number for home deliveries. Please do not substitute your (sender) phone number when prompted for the recipient phone number. We call to verify someone will be home at time of delivery, we do not disclose the card message or sender information over the phone, therefore keeping the delivery a “surprise”. We cannot deliver to PO BOX or “HC ##, Box ### “ addresses. We cannot deliver to some mobile home parks because the homes are not identified with a number.